Sucafina ingredients


Sucafina Ingredients S.A. is a leading supplier of instant coffee and food & beverage related ingredients from around the world – we look forward to speaking to you.

coffee experts

Specializing in the global supply of instant coffee (spray dried instant coffee powder, agglomerated / granulated instant coffee, freeze dried instant coffee, micro ground soluble), green coffee, roast & ground coffee, whole bean coffee, liquid coffee extract, coffee oil, coffee essence, coffee concentrates ... read more

food & beverage

Global supply chain for all beverage and food related ingredients, including tea (soluble / instant tea, liquid tea, black tea, green tea, matcha tea, white tea, herbal teas, rooibos tea), cocoa, instant cappuccino, creamers (dairy, non-dairy and non-fat), caffeine, sugar mixes, chicory, polyphenols, citric acid ... read more

true global reach

An experienced global staff of logistics and quality assurance & control experts to ensure your products, shipments and deliveries meet with your every expectation. We excel at just-in-time delivery, vendor managed inventory, forecasting, contingency planning, procurement and tolling ... read more

product development

Offering a wide variety of product development designed to meet every need, such as quality customization of product formulations, product matching, formula cost reduction, procurement, blending, manufacturing, co-packing, private labeling packing and contract packaging in a variety of formats ... read more